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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 13, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, jeff sessions in the spotlight. the nation's attorney general heads to capitol hill to testify as part of the russia investigation. but that hearing comes one day after a bombshell report that president trump has considered firing the man leading that probe. we'll have a life report. breaking overnight, dennis rodman arrives in north korea. it's not the star' first trip to the kingdom but it does come at a ten time between the u.s. and yank. >> bill cosby' fate now in the hands of a jury. the defense resting after just six minutes of testimony
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but the jury wants more details before it returns avert. we'll have the latest from the courtroom. and later, a golden night for kevin durant. the former prince george's county nba star hoisting his first nba championship trophy and right that next to him the real mvp his mom wanda. we'll have highlights from last night's sweet revenge. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> golden indeed. good day d.c. i'm maureen umeh alongside pollison seymour, holly morris, and wisdom martin. steve has the morning off. >> big night for kevin durant talk about to throughout the morning nba finals mvp including his shout out to his hometown prince george's county and the woman he calls the real mvp coming up later on. >> also have our eye on skins park. we have that right now actually e
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announcement about changes in the front office. redskins president bruce allen at the podium you can see and we can watch the whole thing right now on our fox5 d.c. facebook page, and we'll check in with our bob barnard who's there in just a bit. >> exciting. >> i know. >> excited to hear what they're saying. >> me too. first at 9:00 let's talk about this weather. we are in store for yet another hot and humid one out there could see a chance for storms this time. for details let's go back and check in with tucker with our first check of the forecast. hey, tuck. >> holly, a couple stray thunderstorms this afternoon anything we get should be widely isolated we are going to be& enjoying expecting tolerating another day with temperatures in the mid 90s and heat index that let close to 100 this afternoon. obviously lots of water if you'll be outside. please limit your pets exposure to the outdoors and protect your skin here the heat will be dangerous this afternoon. 81 now in washington. winds out of the south here at seven. not a bad start at the day. nice sunrise this morning and
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conditions out there at this hour. a little later today so here's what's going to happen tonight. a cold front drop down from parts of pennsylvania, new jersey, later tonight and early tomorrow. and upper ahead of that front, we may have enough lift later this afternoon that we get a stray or isolated thunderstorm kicking up. so there might be a few showers around later today. they'll be a few clouds out there as well to provide little relief. but generally last day of our heat wave with temperatures in the low to mid 90s and again heat index near 100. so do be ready for hot afte afternoon. temperatures well above normal about 10 degrees or so. okay. plenty more on the weather we'll look at the seven day got cooler weather on the way. take a sneak peek at father's day and all that kind of thing coming up. back to you. >> thank you tuck. checking the morning briefing now, first up attorney general jeff sessions heading to capitol hill. he's set to testify to congress today about his role in the on-going russia probe. at the same time explosive new claims from top presidential ally he says president trump and
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mueller the man leading the russian probe. ask as for the president himself he's hitting the road today he and first daughter ivanka head to wisconsin for workplace development tour. >> back to that senate hear sessions likely to face an all out grilling in front of the senate intelligence committee. >> he agreed to testify after former fbi director james comey didn't he asked to be in public. it comes at the same time some democrats are trying to build a perjury case against him. anjali hemphill is live from the hill now with more. anjali. >> reporter: well, good morning. that hearing that will happen in the hart senate office building here on capitol hill at 2:30 this afternoon it's going to -- it was requested by session to be open and it may be explosive. jeff sessions may have been a couldn't scene jal senator just a few months ago. but his former co-workers are not likely to yield much ground as he makes his return today. >> democrats o
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and very smart ones are salivating to go after their former colleague. he should not expect softball because he's a former member of the senate. i think he knows that. >> right off the top sessions may face questions about whether his boss is considering firing special council bob mueller. a and poped by the justice department just last month to carry out criminal probe into possible ties between russia and the trump cal pain. >> they attacked the referee and try to be smirch the reputation of someone like mr. mueller. >> reporter: democrats defend mueller but a key ally of the president news max ceo christopher rudd dough says the white house is considering getting rid of him. critics question his impartiality. sessions will face questions about his contacts with the russian ambassador during the campaign. something he didn't initially disclose. and then, there's the firing of fbi director comey. and whether there are white house tapes of conve conversatis between comey and the president. all of this as
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administration has been trying to regain footing in recent days. with the president just yesterday holding his first ever complete cabinet meeting. >> he wants this to get -- get investigated as soon as possible and be done with it so he can continue with the business of the american people. >> reporter: the senate has also agreed on new sanctions against russia after meddling in last year's elections. that's the latest here on capitol hill. guys, back to you in the studio. >> all right. waiting for that to begin. meantime fox5 will live stream the sessions testimony on our foss five d.c. facebook page and fox5 d.c. you be tube channel and watch it on and on the fox5 d.c. news app. staying with politics illinois democratic congressman mike quigley has introduced a covfefe act to make sure president trump's tweets are preserved for posterity. the bill is named after one of the president's more amusing tweets and what amend the presidential records act to include the term social media
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ensuring his tweets are archived and penalize deleting future tweets. now to this. praise for the president. yesterday mr. trump had his first full cabinet meeting much during the meeting members of the administration took turns praising the president for his job as commander in chief. take a listen. >> what we'll do most of you most of the people around the room but i'm going to start with our vice-president. where is our vice-president? >> our vice-president. >> there he is. >> assembling a team bringing real change. real prosperity. >> i want to thank everybody for coming i just thought we'd go around the room. lucy how did we do on the sunday show yesterday. >> cabinet meeting which has been called bizarre by some consisted of mr. traumaly claiming to accomplish more than any president since fdr. after the meeting senate my any are the leader mocked the first public meeting with tweet. take look. >> i want to thank everybody for coming. i just thought we'd go around the room. lucy, how did we do o
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sunday show yesterday. >> your tone was perfect. you were right on message. >> michelle? how did my hair look coming out of the gym this morning? >> you have great hair. nobody has better hair than you. >> the senator finally breaks down in laughter when an aide says before we go any further i just want to say thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda. >> i want to thank everybody for coming. [ laughter ] >> interesting much that's one way to get your criticism out of an event that happened and that's what chuck schumer no love lost between the president and the senator. that's the fallout there. playing out on social mode ya. >> yeah. >> all right. 9:08 is the time. former nba player dennis rodman in north korea this morning his visit fueling a lot of questions what he's doing there and whether the trump white house might have sent him. so far rodman is there to try and open a door and do something positive also to see if he can quote keep bringing sports to north korea. rodman has made previous conversation shall trips to the isolat
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fitting a -- as a private citizen but believes president trump is happy about it. >> i'm pretty sure he's pretty much happy the fact i'm over here. >> okay. >> trying to accomplish something that we both need. >> dennis rodman is a private sift zen. we're aware of his visit. we wish him well. but we have issued travel warnings to americans and suggested they not travel to north korea for their own sa safety. >> rodman appeared on president trump's celebrity apprentice tv show and praised trump last year when the president was running for office. nip 09:00. happening right now, voters are hitting polls in virginia. take look at a polling place in alexandria. no lot of people there. votvoters deciding who will represent the democrats and republicans in the race for gov new york city, lieutenant governor and house of delegate races. candidate tom perillo was there voting evens running against ralph north ham on the republican side
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chairman ed gillespie facing off corey stewart and state senator frank wagner. heard about this. bachelor in paradise cancel in the middle of filming now one contestant could be facing possible charges coming up and later why producers pull the plug. >> day two of jury deliberations in the bill cosby sex assault case. what to expect today and why the case moved so much quicker than expected. ♪
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narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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♪ 9:13 is the time. sex assault base against 79-year-old bill cosby is now in the hands of a jury and conviction could send the comedy legend to prison forest of his life. >> on monday cosby's defense team argued he and the female accuser in his criminal case were secret lovers. insisting actor was unfaithful to his wife but did not commit a crime. this was the first time bill cosby's wife camille joined him in court and she was all smiles walking into the courtroom. only later though to hear her husband's lawyer admit her long-time partner admitted to having affairs. >> a pennsylvania jury is set to resume deliberations today after being handed after bill cosby sex assault case monday afternoon. >> bill cosby's defense team rested without calling cosby to the
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>> after hearing closing arguments the sequestered jurors spent four hours deliberating cosby's fate late monday. they ended up calling it a night without reaching a verdict. >> defense lawyer brian mcmonagle said cosby danced in his marriage and that camille cosby who was sitting in the front row today he says she deserved better but that does not mean mcmonagle said that cosby should go to prison. >> cosby accused of druggig and sexually assaulting a woman named andrea con stan at his philadelphia area home back in 2004. >> taking everything into account. and that reasonable doubt is probably coming in to play. that's why they came back and asked questions. >> as they were deliberating the jury asked to hear a section of decade old testimony cosby gave in a past civil case. about pills he gave constand before she claimed she was assaulted. >> they want to see how the conversation went. how it led up to that. >> cosby claims he gave her benadryl but constand says the pills left her semi conscious. >>
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to give her those three pills she claimed she was having trouble sleeping. that she was under a lot of stress. and that's something that he admitted that he took while on the road to help hip calm down. >> legal expertise's cosby did not take the stand because testifying could have opened the actor to cross examination about some 60 other women who have accused of him of molesting or drugging them. if convicted on the three counts, he's facing up to 30 years in prison. >> 9:15 right now. coming up is there really such a think as minor cheating? should you fess up if you want to stand a fighting chance? sarah is a back with answers with all new edition of love and order. >> is that you have like kind of be pregnant. >> a little white lie. is it so bad? first, though, erin was working on. >> the citi' news west and most popular museum open for business after scare last night. we'll have all the details. plus a warning for suv drivers. why they may be not the best option for nighttime
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and later, david grohl coming home to help open a brand new venue. we'll have those details when we check out what else is making headlines this morning. tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. >> 9:18. breaking alert for metro riders. red lion training are bypassing the beth today station because the escalators and elevates are not working. no trains at the bethesda station at this time. shuttle bus service being set up between bethesda and medical
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all right. it is 9:18 right now. erin como back with check on the other stories making headlines. >> good morning. we're starring off with breaking news from georgia. a massive manhunt underway right now for prison inmates who killed two guards this morning during a bus transport. it happened just before 7:30 this morning in eaton ton, georgia southeast of atlanta. witnesses say two men escaped in a dark green honda after getting away from the bus. we'll share more details as soon as we debt them here on fox5 as well as online. the army has released the names of three soldiers in the 101st airborne division killed in afghanistan and one of them is from our area. overnight army sergeant eric hulk of baltimore flag draped casket arrived at dover air force base. vice-president mike pence was at dover last night to pay his respects when his body and the bodies of 22-year-old corporal dylan bald drip and 29-year-old sergeant william bays arrived they died saturday from injuries sustained
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check out this incredible video coming from wyoming. storm chasers catching tornadoes as it moves across the area tornado part of a storm that brought severe weather to both wyoming and colorado. doesn't even look real. and to california where old man winter delivers surprise to people in parts of california and nevada. people living near lake tahoe woke up to several inches of snow. hard to believe with the forecast we're dealing with right now and the heat. forecasters say snow is uncommon in the see eras in june it happens once every five to den years. parts of see eras were experiencing snow. in the west they saw temperatures in the low 90s. close to home the national museum of african-american history and culture expected to open as normal today. this after a brief scare yesterday evening. us park police evacuated the museum after suspicious package was found on the second floor. the package was deemed to be harmless. despite some snazzy new
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headlights continue to lack acceptable standards the influence institute for highway safety it only two of the us auto industries 37 midsized sport utility vehicles overhead health packages with good performance. those were on the 2017 volvo sx60 and 2017 hyundai santa fe. 12 other vehicles were rated acceptable. 12 were rated marginal and 11 rated poor. the insurance institute recommends buy vehicle with head lights rated good or acceptable. look into if you're thinking about purchase agnew vehicle. i love this story. a new music venue is coming to d.c. and the foofighters will be the headliner for opening night. it's called the anthem will open up on objection 12th at the wharf in southwest d.c. foofighters front man david grohl who grew up in northern virginia has toward anthem. he says it has the illusion of a stadium but the intimacy of a nightclub and it's perfect. so we're excited for the
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to open on october 12th. i definitely want to so a show there. looks pretty incredible. >> i'm excited for the whole wharf. i think we should do our show live from the wharf when it opens. >> i second that holdly. >> so many options down there for us to show off. >> it will be really fun. >> thanks, erin. >> thanks. >> 9:22 is the time. golden state warriors getting sweet revenge after blowing that three heff one lead last year. we'll have the highlights from the nba finals and the celebration between kevin durant and man his mom wanda. >> hot and sweaty seven day on the way. tucker is back with details when we can see a little relief. >> fresh at 10a, when music takes over a movie. kevin sits down with baby driver stars jamie foxx, jon hamm and an sell he will gore to talk about how the sound track played such a crit tal role if the p plot. plus john cena wedding planner. allison sits down down with the wwe star and american grit host to talk about his upcoming nuptials. >> good day as an a
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lot tucker and erin will do their best lumber jack impression throwing axes. hopefully all digits survive. right now 9:22. you're watching the number one good day d.c. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. ♪ drake shouting out katie like that. >> shout out to katie.
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home boy. golden state warriors are nba champs for the second time in just three seasons. >> they beat the cleveland cavaliers last night 6129-120 and clinched the championship title. it took five games for them to take down the cavs in the rematch. kevin durant 39 points in fast and furious fame. 129-120 was the victory over lebron james and cleveland cavaliers. steph curry, 34 points, ten assets and six rebounds. >> golden state closed out its second title in three years after squandering that lead three-one against the cavs. during the game kevin durant's mom had tears in her eyes while watching check out her reaction when they wouldn't. ♪ ♪ >> kevin durant as we all know was golden state's prize acquisition last year named the fi
9:27 am
thanked the entire dmv. >> everybody in pg county, married, everybody in d.c., virginia, with me, it feels good to see them sum full circle i'm epp jig. >> celebration went strong all night long and oakland california at one point confetti fell to the floor when it was over. cavaliers, lebron james gave kevin durant a long embrace and couldn't garage it lated him before walking off the court. congratulations to golden state. >> i love that lebron james is a good sportsman much he's that guy carry the mantle of what sports. my ring fell off. what sportsman ought to be. >> he's the first class guy. because of that golden state warriors big win you can score free taco from taco bell part of the fast food chain's steel game steal a taco. >> steal a ring. >> right. >> customers get free doritos
9:28 am
between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> we should have tacos. >> you have intel on this taco deal. >> just one per customer and it's participating stores. >> while supplies last. >> how do you know which is part pating store. >> do you not find that out until you get there. >> until you get there. >> shouldn't that be before you go. >> i'll have my free taco. no. >> we're out. >> right. >> you're loco no dorito low companies for you. >> here's the thing you got to hold on to hope if you're a franchise because as i said earlier look at -- taco bell franchise. >> taco bell. >> they're good. golden state. they will were in no man's land from 1974 until the last three years. >> i love this. yeah. >> you got to have hope. >> right. >> you go the to keep moving and hopefully -- >> got to have the right players don't you. >> isn't the whole part of the draft the worst team gets the best players. >> young teams do not win in the nba. you cannot keep drafting first and win in the nba. that's been proven over time and history if you look at all the champions all 11 different franchises in 40 years they all
9:29 am
young players mix in with veterans but you can't have a young team and win in the nba. because night in and night out you just can't do it. when you, basically golden state they found clay thompson after thought steph curry he was good. kevin durant we know about him. damon green after thought. the rest of the roster after thoughts. it came together at the same time. chemistry was there everything started clicking they're one of the premier franchises in the nba. >> you're the wizards gm, what do you do. >> the problem you got to find a kevin durant. you need one player. you got john wall and bradley biehl you need a third big time massive player like lebron james or kevin duran. russell is not coming. >> had will be a free agent that's available. >> only person that could possibly be available who will be up for grabs will be carmelo anthony. >> oh. >> from the baltimore area. >> i don't mean to have this face. how old is carl mellow at this point. >> he's the same age as lebron. >> i
9:30 am
>> he just seems like he's been around. >> he's not old but he's old. >> he's the veteran. >> you got to make trade to get him down want him because he's one dimensional player. >> don't you teeter on that edge he's still great and all passed his prime. >> get to him early. whole bunch of factor that is go in to all of that. >> do we have -- don't you need a good big man? >> not necessarily. >> not my more. mow cal jordan won six with very questionable big men. >> we got one other sports note before we move on from our sports section here. the nationals are in a bit of a slump. another loss last night. fourth in a row and it was washington's bullpen surprise who once again fell apart giving up five runs in the final two innings and giving up the nats lead. the final ledge-ten. after the loss dusty baker said, we need some help big time. good news overnight. the nationals drafted left hander seth romero not expected to be moved to the majors this season. so this is good news
9:31 am
future. >> right, right. >> draft experts had considered row mr. row league ready pit pitcher. >> before we get to whether let's at a he will to tell you about breaking news alerts. red line trains bypass beth day station was the escalators and elevators not working right now. no problems on the tracks. the crowd of people just st standing there hoping to maybe climb up on they are own. passengers gathered inside the station. gates across the escalators again no red line trains stopping at bethesda station at this time. it would certainly not be fun to walk up the escalator in all of this heat. bypass it if you can. find another way around. yeah. we'll let when you know that resolves itself. >> what did you say tucker. >> you got to take -- by the way bring a gallon of water if you'll walk those steps that. will take you 45 minutes. >> you know what tuck what i propose when we do these sports things you shall join in with us. you stand there and your face gives expressi.
9:32 am
>> you can listen from here, too. >> that's what the ladies love about him, mo. >> he's a litner. >> i'm a litner. >> oh. >> sometimes if a man says less than more. >> amen to that. >> we can agree on that. >> yeah. >> that's not me. [ laughter ] hey, reagan national yesterday hit 95 degrees. don't let me go off about the nationals bullpen. >> this is exactly what maureen is saying. >> allison just calmed me down in three hours ago. get romero or whoever that guy they just drafted he can pitch. >> clearly it can't be worse. >> how could it be worse? >> they can put me and wisdom out there every night. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i'll take the minimum salary far $580,000 a year. >> i'll take the salaries. >> i can walk batters and give up homeruns, too. >> and lose leads with the best of them. >> a man of few words. all right. 95 at reagan national. yesterday's daytime highs. guess what? i'm showing them to you because we'll be very close to those numbers again today. already 81 in washington. heat index it's 85. look at air temperature in
9:33 am
81 leonardtown. fredericksburg 81. yemen nass, dulles. one more day with this heat wave this is one more day of he can n afternoon with heat index near 100. please lots of water if you got to be outside for any period of time. going to the nationals game tonight, make sure that you've got plenty of water access to plenty of water still be hot this evening as well. all right. changes from yesterday we have a frontal system dropping down& from the north pennsylvania and new jersey later tonight and during the day heim hours tomorrow. up ahead of that front, we're thinking we might be able to drive a storm or two later today as our ridge breaks down little lighted that us afternoon. maybe we'll get a shower or thunderstorm for parts of the area. it will be widely scattered isolated really. but maybe a little relief they'll be some clouds around this afternoon that will help a little bit with the heat out there later today. future cast let's see if we can find storms. all right. it's playing with the storms movely in the mountains i think probably good idea maybe on or two get east of the mountains and get into our immediate area later this afternoon and then
9:34 am
losing daytime heating lose the thunder storm chances they'll return tomorrow as we've got cooler air on the way and again that front should drop down into the region tomorrow with daytime highs in the upper 80s to about 90. seven day little stormy around here thursday and friday, saturday, sunday but that's not wash out. it will kind of be scattered showers each afternoon. i think father's day we should in pretty good shape. scattered storms highs about 90 on sunday. guys, that's the latest. back to you. >> all righty, thank you tucker. remember when the redskins were in the middle of all the scott mc lou land and kirk cousin's drama. >> sure. it reminded us of a soap opera steve chenevey nickname the front office. this been guess what there's been a cast shake up. >> fox5's bob barnard was there for the big announcement and joins us live from ashburn with all the details. so what happened, bob? who is in? who is out? what's going on? >> reporter: guys, there's a new quarterback of the front office and that is doug wil williams. first tell you on this very
9:35 am
redskins mandatory mini camp. players are already inside in the weight room they'll be out here on the field shortly. but as you mentioned, this is all to replace scott mc lou land the general manager of the redskins left under a dark cloud over the wintertime. you heard team officials saying after they lost their last regular season game at home on new year's day to the giants and did -- because of that did not go on to the playoffs it was a very low point then needed to something about it and what they have done is taken a man who's been back with the organization for about four years who was the redskins super bowl mvp in 1988, doug williams, quarterback who played for the tampa bay buccaneers was hired by bruce allen in the buccaneers front office about 12, 13 years ago was announced this morning as the new senior vice-president of players personnel. basically, the quarterback of the front office he'll be working with jay gruden
9:36 am
the roster look for good character people, and good football players. doug william telling everybody here this morning he's the luckiest person in the world. >> our job is not to coach them. our job is to pick them. and we going to be trying to do the best job -- we had do the best job, give jay and his coaching staff the player that he needs to take all of us back to the super bowl. >> reporter: now, doug william said he first came to work for the redskins back 1986. again, came back about four years ago to work in the front office here. bruce allen the president of the redskins says that they interviewed 12 candidates for this job. not as a new general manager. that job is going to remain vacant. but as the senior vice-president of player personnel basically the player guy to get the people here on to the team and on to the field let jay gruden coach them
9:37 am
both inside and outside of the organization, guys, and they are dipping back into the past and tapping doug williams super bowl winning mvp quarterback for the redskins to run the front office here. the new qb of the front office for the washington redskins. >> all right. the front office. saga continues. bob barnard thank you for that. speaking of ass ashburn we're there days away just days away from our next zip trip which will be in ashburn. come on out to eastampton plaza friday, june 16 we'll be there from six to 11. me and tucker, holly, we would love to see you. come on out. >> it will be a good one. >> very good one. okay. beauty and the beach coming up next celebrity make up artist kym lee she's joining us live with a look at some of your summer beauty must haves. it's 9:37. back after this. ♪ his. ♪♪
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beauty and beachism some say makeup has no business at beach the we're here to tell you does it if you do it right. joining us is remember before the make up artist and friend to good day d.c. kym lee. >> hello. >> hello to you. >> are you ready to go vacation. >> i'm ready to -- >> with or without a bay. >> do i have to decide right n now. >> you don't have to decide. >> i want to look good either way. >> help me do it. >> yes. so many of us have already broken
9:41 am
from the beginning of the year. so if you are one of those ladies, you want to make sure that you are still looking am amazing while you're on vac vacation. from head to toe i have some tips that i want to pass to the ladies and we'll start off with the hair. you know once you get op those planes that the plane actually just suck up all of the moisture out of the skin so you want to make sure you are taking and drinking if you're not drinking avian you're praying avian water this will help to get your skin -- >> spray it on your face. >> i'm on your face. when you step off that plane you don't look dehydrated. those pressurized cabins can suck all of the air out of your 69 of skin. >> make sure your hair looks fabulous. you'll have bed head on the plane. get these scarves. >> so beautiful. we'll put those on and tie them cute. >> i feel like i'm -- you have to have a scarf. >> a scarf is everything while you're on vacation get i was whole bunch of scarves. and then you want to make sure that you are getting some sh shades. shades will put you in fir
9:42 am
in coach. >> the ladies of the real housewives of tow toto tow mack. all of them rocking the scarves and shades. >> if you have bad hair that you have a great hat. >> okay. >> great hat will help you while you're on your vacation. >> right. to look amazing. >> now, if you don't have a and an opportunity to get a hat, and you say, kim, my hair will look great. if it doesn't look great you'll get dry shampoo. >> how does this work. >> the dry shampoo is is going to be mazing. grave at any timing to the invisible brand it doesn't leave the film and flip the hair over, spray, and shake. >> okay. even if you have a weave it will really work amazingly. >> does it get rid of the products you have in there. >> it does temporary removal and refreshes the hair and makes it smell fresh you don't have that beach chi sandy smell to the layer. >> okay. >> now, when you're looking good you have to smell good. >> yes, yes, yes. >> you want to be layering some of your very beautiful
9:43 am
fragrance and joe malone is my favorite. >> i love joe malone. >> this one i absolutely love. the neck at a recent blossom honey. >> i have that. that's a good one. >> layer beautiful fragrances when you float through the lobby of the hotel. >> is that who lovely thing. >> she's are great layering fragrances come over here and lashes will help you tremendously. >> lashes? >> yes. because when you go on your vacation you want to wake up and still be batting fabulously make sure you're getting your innings tensions. extensions will be great if you're cleaning off make off use he can tension remover. >> there's an he can tension remover. >> remover for extension if you're going to add any kind of color. eye make up remove and facial cleanser you don't r remove the extensions. for those of you who look to drink cock cocktails have you'lf foeness under those eyes. mack sure you're using an eye cream that actually will help with that puffing you want
9:44 am
gravitate too products that have cucumbers in them. >> real eye cream not preparation h everybody is -- >> yes. >> buy the real stuff. >> yes. then your nails. ladies, your nails are going to chip because of the color ren from the pool because of the sand from the beach, the salt. so i suggest getting a gel manicure. if you can't get gel manicure always take a texture poll tissue with you you can pain this right over top of your regular nail polish. and chuck you will have nice little sparkle just like i have so even when you have imperfections you move fast. >> nobody can felt difference. >> move really really quickly. >> move my hand like that. for those who ladies out in the song too long, okay, kim i just have had too much sun, you want make sure you have your after sun products. so your aloe vera will is going to be very helpful this gel will help to alleviate and sooth that skin. you going to make sure your lips and nice and sup he will get your strawberry supple which is wonderful. >> you tack about the sunscreen could be make up in itself.
9:45 am
>> you want to make sure that you are using i love tinted moisturizers. they are going to actually do three thing. give you the moisture, give you the protection and the coverage. >> okay. you have those things and then you'll pout all of this stuff in your wing and pout bag so this is your bag and you can get this right on our website so you can put your brushes in there, you can put all of your bronzers, pal mays put your scarf. close it up, get your shades and you're ready to go. >> yes. >> kym lee washington would we do without you? >> i don't know. >> never never fine out. >> let's go on vacation. >> where we going. >> can i wear these. >> you can take my guccis. wink and pout, kym lee. i was born to wear these. right? >> okay. kim, go ahead. [ laughter ] >> we love her. thank you very much. beauty and the beach you've got the no how. no reason to look unfabulous. right. >> that's right. >> thank you darling. >> let's put our scarves on and let's go. we're out of here. >> these are hot. >> thanks, ladies. >> thelma and lewis right there. >> right. >> taking on the word. i like it. >> we need se
9:46 am
as minor cheating? and if you have done it should you fess up to hit that's the question. sarah is weighing in on all new edition of love and order. gavel in hand. coming up next. ♪
9:47 am
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♪ >> oh, my gosh. relinquish the gavel. [ laughter ] >> it's tuesday and time for another edition of love and order and that's when sarah fraser joins us live to share some messages that she gets from fans and viewers she's still getting acquainted with the gavel. [ laughter ] >> we of course try to offer up little bit of advice. >> tiptipping etiquette and this from someone in the fox5 family. sarah tell us about it. >> jeff g wants to know and jeff g1 of producers if a check -- okay. to know if a check has a line for a tip on it. do you have to leave one and do you feel guilty if you don't? okay. so what he essentially is saying
9:50 am
control. >> i agree. >> i think what you're talking about. >> go. >> so snack counters, coffee counters when you weight yourself at a sandwich shop uber drivers want a tip. when is it too much? do you feel guilty if you don't leave a tip. >> i don't feel guilty. i just don't know -- this just happened to me, too. i wept to pick up food so nothing happened they just pro pair the food,. >> they don't deserve a tip. a to you pay for it it's got that line they don't say diss are a the tip line just go ahead and sign it. >> i just diss are a it. >> i cross it attainer just s sign. >> do you feel pressured to tip, wisdom. >> to feel pressured ting in but i do tip even when i pick up food. >> do you. >> yes. >> do you wis. >> there are possible in there who are working and i know they're not serving you at a table somebody is putting it together and all that kind of stuff. >> that's fir job. >> i understand. whole job is to do the whole service when you're in the restaurant you shouldn't leave to tip based on i do leave a tip a small tip hoy come and pick up and always leave
9:51 am
unless i get raully bad service. >> but the whole notion avenue tip to me, you know, you've done your job very well i want to show my appreciation. i hate that restaurants are making the tip the person's actual salary i don't think that's right. they shall make that like if you do an exceptional job let me give you a tip. i think i'm a really good ti tipper. i don't believe in giving small tip. give a nice tip. >> give a good tip. >> exactly leave it up to me. that way the server knows, hey, i appreciate you. >> i feel got the only thing i saw antique store in virginia had a tip jar and said everybody else is asking for one. we want one, too. that's really good. and it drives me nuts when they also do tip wars they'll do biggy versus tupac or nsync versus back street boys. >> have you seen those on tip jars. >> no. >> another trick in the way that they kind of try to elevate it because they fell like they're getting you engaged by hey, who is better, in sync or back street boys. then you're lured into more tips. don't try and trick me. >> right. >> i never feel pressure. >> yea
9:52 am
how about this one. do you admit to minor cheat this guy wrote to us i've been with pie girlfriend for thee years all is well but i did have a little slip i had too much to drink i had like a minor make out with a woman. should i tell my girl friend. it wasn't tech neck klee cheating cheating. >> it was cheating but no. >> what? >> it was cheating. >> you did say girlfriend right. >> yes. >> they're not married. >> correct. >> no harm, no foul. >> unless you have your name on a piece of paper, legally binding. >> i agree. >> it doesn't matter. >> i wouldn't tell. but that is cheating. >> i wouldn't tell. it's cheating. as much as i adore wisdom i don't agree with the fact that you're not married then it doesn't matter. a cheat is a cheat. somebody heart is invested. >> i think it's definitely cheating. i wouldn't tell. but i think i would have to look at myself and why am i cheating i clearly am not -- something is up with my relationship if i'm willing to step out. >> yeah. >> i take
9:53 am
i'm with you. [ laughter ] >> it sounds like you guys are all unanimously saying don't tell. >> don't tell. >> don't tell. unless you're ready -- >> to be gone. >> blow it up. >> ready to be gone. >> but before you bang the gavel remember this. if you -- glad he said gavel. >> if you don't have your name on a legally binding piece of you are just together g we're just together. just like playing. >> there's no consequence to that. you can leave whenever you want. come whenever you want there's no consequence to that. if you're married, there's consequences. keep that in mind. don't runny this my girlfriend or boyfriend of 20 years unless you're in a state where it's common law marriage then that's a whole different ballgames. >> you're not going to be with that person any more. that's the consequence. >> as opposed to paying half your salary to them which is a bigger conseqence. >> moving on. >> cheaper to keep her. >> heap per to keep her. >> i guess so. >> case clove. >> when you accidently aey
9:54 am
about them. this person wrote to us. this is really heartbreaking this woman actually an intern and she works with a guy who's not directly her boss but is one of the kind of supervisors they got into an incident she wanted to go outside and cool off she thought she'd text her mother and she accidentally text him what a blanking jerk he is. >> okay. i think that, washington do you do. >> i think that she has to go and say, this text wasn't for you. and, you know, perhaps it was unfortunate language or whatever but this -- when you said this i didn't know what to say because you're my boss and so, you know, i'm loud to -- this how i was feeling at the time. >> you have to acknowledge it. >> you have to acknowledge it. >> you cannot acknowledge it. >> i think any time you send an erroneous text you have to acknowledge it. it happened to all of us. >> it's happened to everybody. >> i know it's happened to me. >> it's happened to me, too. >> really? >> you've sent -- >> oh, yeah. >> i can believe you don't remember. [ laughter ] >> now i going to some thinking. >> it wasn't you but it
9:55 am
can't say. >> oh, wow. okay. >> i was like oh my gosh i just tech -- it happened early in the morning. you're thinking about -- you're thinking about the name of it. >> yeah. >> then you go ahead and send it. >> mine is jussie but only for my close friend. >> oh. >> we need another podcast. holly part two on this podcast. okay. so i agree with you guys. i think you have toed dress it and maybe a little bit of humor. >> they might not think it's funny and take your lumps. >> i addressed mine right away. >> yeah. >> address it. boom, there you go. >> those were good. thanks, sarah. >> i talked with john cena he's got this little show. >> name dropper. >> sorry. on fox5 but we also talk about his engagement to long time girlfriend nicky bella. >> i talked -- it wasn't me. kevin mccarthy talked to jamie foxx. >> okay. >> he's got whole lot going on. >> second hand name dropping if i got
9:56 am
>> there you go. tucker and erin will grind an act. you go to the see it. you go to the see it. yeah. >> stand back. first though cuff fee time on good day d.c. we know you've and bi ago our good day mug. we have new good day d.c. dunkin' donuts to give away perfect for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. head to our fox5 d.c. if as book page and you know the address to enter our monday of mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing. hurry though you only have till 11am to do it it's now 9:00 9:00 vick. we'll be back with more good day at 10a on the other side.
9:57 am
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♪ the must see moments only on good at 10a. >> two major scandals trendin
10:00 am
nbc megyn kelly under fire for a controversial interview. shut down. what happened on the set of the bachelor in paradise. and oprah talks a possible presidency run. also at 10a, two super star interviews. one epic hour. don't miss kevin and jamie foxx plus allison dishes with john cena and tucker and erin get the ax. no, seriously, just wait until you see how they celebrate ax throwing day. pray for us, people. >> yes, indeed. let's do this tuesday, three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ that song makes you to do the monkey. >> i think that's called the monkey. >> what's the what tusi. >> is that really it. >> what tusi. >> how do you know this? is this the what tusi. >> do the campus and the prep. >> dot walk. >> i got to get away from you. >> i know. he's got an act. >> jason p
10:01 am
what's going on there? >> i'm a lumber jack and i don't care. >> it's got this protective seal on it. >> if you swing it the seal will come off. >> i like the jason 14, 18, whatever it is though. >> i think i wanted to the rest of the show like this. >> like that. >> right. [ laughter ] >> all of wisdom' points are correct. >> we swear it will be good day. okay. i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, al will he son, wisdom. steve has the morning off because he knew that something was going a foot. >> yes. >> tucker and erin have some axing to do later on. >> okay. >> we'll explain. this is why you need teuton in and see. >> it's national ax day or something like that. >> yes. >> i don't know if that's the exact phrase. i'm sorry. this just in. international ax throwing day. right. directly from producer chris. >> okay. erin will be doing that right after she is giving us the
10:02 am
so you got some work to do but first a little bit of news. good morning, he erin. >> good morning allison and all of you as we. we'll begin with breaking news concerning university of virginia student who has been held in north korea for a year and a half. otto has been freed. this according to secretary of state rex tillerson. tillerson says wham beer is on his way back to the us right now. these are pictures of wham beer from last year when he publicly confessed to stealing a north korean propaganda sign from a hotel. at the time he was sentenced to 15 years in a north korean labor camp. well all eyes will be on capitol hill this afternoon. attorney general jeff sessions will go before the senate intelligence committee. sessions will face sharp questions if former senate colleagues about his role in the firing of james comey and his connections with russian contacts during the president scholl campaign the hearing will be public a decision that attorney general sessions made himself. the hearing begins around 2:30. a pennsylvania j
10:03 am
to resume deliberations today after being handed after bill cosby sex assault case monday afternoon. cosby accused drugging and sexually assaulting a woman named andrea constand back in 2004 on monday miss defense team argued they were secret lovers if conventioned cosby could face up to 30 years in prison. it's primary election day in virginia. voters are deciding who will represent the democrats and republicans in the race for governor, lieutenant governor and some house of delegate races. earlier today, we caught up with democratic candidate tom perry he will low he was out voting in alexandria. he's running against current lieutenant governor ralph north ham for the gubernatorial nomination. on the republican side, it's former rnc chairman ed gillespie facing off against prince william board of survivors chair corey stewart and state senator frank wagner. and finally, golden state closed out its second title in
10:04 am
three-one lead a year ago to the cavs to miss a repeat. durant act with last year named finals mvp after the game he thanked the and tire d.c. region and we thank them as well. lebron james gave durant long hug and congratulated him before walking off the court. big game there. >> congrats. >> emotional moment, right. >> you know what, the same two teams will probable be back at it again neck year. >> great. >> wisdom i'm going grab that ax from you. i'll be right over. >> don't give me the act. >> oh you. >> get the ax. >> the ax. >> she gets the ax. you get it. >> international ax throwing day. >> thanks erin. >> before we all get the act, let's move on. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> pink slips for everyone. let's go ahead and check what is trending. >> i was going to say it's you. i think. it's me. >> aha! >> you get the ax. [ laughter ] >> okay.
10:05 am
sh nbc very long but allison help me with the prompter. >> i thought it was just -- wait a minute. we need to come, okay, we're moving on this was just for the other -- let me just do it. go ahead. allison how key trust you. >> go ahead. >> i'm ready. problems here getting calls for boycotts over her latest interview her sit down witness guy right there on the left this is conservative radio host alex jones got attention from president trump on his show but he's been widely criticized for claiming that the sandhog shooterring was conspiracy 9/11 was an inside job. a lot of people across the country calling for nbc news to pull the interview. jp morgan chase pulled its ads from nbc. they defended interviewing saying it's a journalist job to interview people of -- he wants his the interview pulled he says his views were miss rep. >> i feel like that is the job of journalism and what -- put
10:06 am
sure meghan kell i'll haven't seen the interview of course i'm sure that she went point and counter point. how can you say this or wha whatever. >> she wa wanted someone controversial in order to make waves. >> nbc i believe had to give the okay. it's not like she can just say this is what we're doing. >> but we've had editorial discussions in our own meeting when we're talking about having different guests on our show and we're look why would we even give that person airtime. >> a platform. >> i tollly agree. >> i totally agree. but i guess i'm just saying it seems like she's being the scapegoat in this incident if i'm nbc i would come out and say we were the ones, yes, perhaps we talked about knit meeting but it does not happen in a vacuum. >> the word was she came on board nbc gave her lot of leeway to pick her team torque pick the stories she's doing, we're going to let her go she's meghan kell and comes with a lot of journalistic chops. i have to say she probably had a big hand in this. and probably thought
10:07 am
on this. controversy sells. but now it's back firing in way i don't think they imagined. >> right. for my part, you know, alex jones, he is controversial. i'd like to hear what he has to say only because i believe that you should hear everyone's viewpoint you may not agree with it but hear it out. don't give it this level of a platform. make up your time from there. we take whatever we hear and cut it off and say that's all i need to know. i don't think that serves a purpose at all. >> i'd love to know how he was miss tripped and all that stuff if you said it i don't understand. i hate this environment when you open your mouth and you say something then you come back 30 seconds later that was misconstrued. >> or edited. >> you know what you said. >> now because it's getting backlash. >> it was miss couldn't tried. yeah that's the part i'm interested in. >> i just say when i hear this as a working journalist like with all are i know it just doesn't happen where one person says -- >> makes the unilateral dicussion. >> exactly. as long as nbc is coming up and
10:08 am
will indeed pull the interview. we'll see i guess. >> see what happens. >> yeah. okay. other tenning topics. new jersey high schoolteacher suspended after coming under fire for erasing trump slogans from the class yearbook. two students say trump logo they wore was edited out of the final picture. you can see it there on the left. the original the on the right they say the edited picture. and another student says a quote by drum was removed from her class president photo the school is now investigating and more disciplinary actions would follow as the investigation concludes. i mean, unless for me unless it is, um, basically hate speech, then -- >> a lot of schools. >> you can wear what you want to wear. >> a lot of schools had dress codes for school pictures you're not allowed to wear things with logos and political affiliations or religious affiliations. >> if that's the case okay. if that's the case, okay. but not -- >> only the two photos with trump on them got edited then that's not
10:09 am
>> a lot of schools that did do that whole don't come to school with your mitt cal stuff on. so that appears -- app% to be the case. we don't know. because they're investigating but it appears to be you can't do any political tieing or whatever you want to call it. no politic on your shirts. >> right. if that's the case, okay. >> we need more and foe before we can fully form our opinions. >> right. >> we need more info. >> exactly. >> what we're saying. it look like there's a new fashionista in the white house. barron trump may have taken his empty's place when it comes to being a trend setter. all started when he stepped off of marine one in d.c. barron wore a shirt from j crew that says the expert. on sunday well by monday that shirt already sold out. according to j crew's website it costs its costs $29 and 50 cents. >> i think we've found a bipartisan shop. first lady michelle obama shopped at j crew. >> barron shops there. >> j crew is bringing the world together. >> there you go. >> bringing our country together. >> halloween cos fumes
10:10 am
i guarantee it. >> i did like the t-shirt when i saw it. >> i think it's pretty cool shirt. >> can't get it now. >> 9:09 is the time. don't expect to see oprah on any ballots any time soon. in a recent interview on the hollywood reporters award chatter podcast shushes she'll never run for public office. even when asked if she could possibly defeat president trump in an election she says it doesn't matter. she's just not interested in r running. why should she? >> she's oprah. she doesn't have to run. >> you know what i often say this i really don't know why anyone would run for office. why you would put your family through that. i mean i understand obviously -- >> you want to make a difference. >> you want to be a statesman and if that's your true goal. >> with politics do you really want to make a difference. >> i guess the sense so many people are so in love with the fact i'm a politician or i have that this power. >> power hungry. >> rue really wanting to make a difference? because if you did, why are most politicians now a days millionaires, and you consider them
10:11 am
gods the common man can you be elected president if you come from absolutely nothing any more. i question that. i real dollar. >> the money comes before. >> it does. the process is what corrupts. because the money comes from before. what do you do for that money. who will be be holding to? can you totally be neutral and ascend to the presidency or to senatorial seat. i don't think that happens that much any more. >> i think you have to a certain bit of what we call that little jive in you. >> yeah. >> you got to be a you know what. >> you got to be able to wheel and deal. >> you got to be able to wheel and deal. >> you're not the i was aww shucks person that get election. >> i agree. you have to go back on what you said. >> yeah. in order to -- >> how does that krupp your soul when you have this bleep and now you can a pack pedal. >> what does it do to your family which goes back to my original point. why would you do it? >> exactly. >> 10:11 is the time. one is a wwe super star and most of american grit the other is a haas car winner and host of beat sh
10:12 am
john cena and jamie fox. we're sitting down with both of them. >> producerring pulling the plug on bachelor in paradise. we'll tell you why. katie perry's one that got away and who just topped forbes list of highest paid celebrities? good day dish coming up next. n.
10:13 am
♪ ♪
10:14 am
be a powerful force. nature valley tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
10:15 am
>> time for the good day celebrity dish. serviette up on tuesday. abc's show bachelor paradise shut down now there are many rumors why. so we'll go to tmz for this one. sources tell tmz corrine and did he mario jackson had sexual encounter. corrine says she was so drunk she couldn't have given him consent and blames producers for not calling off the interaction. people who have seen the tape tell tmz she seemed drunk but still lucid at the time. warner brothers sent all the cast members home and suspended production as they investigate if a sexual assault did occur during filming. >> wow! >> that's big time stuff. i don't really understand how they ever thought that bad things wouldn't happen given that scenario. >> right? >> yeah. >> going too far for ratings. i mean they could have stopped that. 10:15.
10:16 am
message for rihanna as he left oracle arena after his golden state warriors were held champions. he said, i ain't got to say nothing. that's what he said it turns out durant did have something to say about the grammy winner super star una bashed fan of lebron james and during game one of the finals nba finals she yelled, brick, brick. when duran was shooting a free throw. all right. he made the free throw by the way. he said, love you, girl, but i got to do it. durant told usa today sports as he clutched the mvp trophy, gots to do it. you understand me? duran appeared to stare her down after he hit that late three pointer in game one. personal highlight during the finals. this isn't the first time kevin duran sent love riri's way. he tweeted if he had to pick one person to marry it would be her. in 2012 he asked her
10:17 am
a happy birthday on twitter. >> hmm. >> he's got a riri jones. >> um-hmm. >> they got a lot hate thing going. >> gets him all fired up. >> all is fair in love and basketball. hey this got us talking in our news meeting. who rates their lovers for the world to judge? >> tatacky people. >> katie perry apparently. during perry's live stream celebrated the release of her new album witness she was asked to rate her lovers you're looking at them. john maher claims the top spot as the best lover. orlando bloom came in second. >> what? >> remember those naked picks them on the beach. dip employee comes in third. >> that's your own jack. >> dip low. >> and the one man who inspired her hit song the one that got away, josh groban. >> what?
10:18 am
>> >> who knew? >> that's so funny. >> who knew? >> maybe she did. >> that's so tired. >> it is. putting your public business in the bedroom out there like that. but some people were talking about her album hasn't been well received. she hasn't been getting a lot of attention. this is stunt to get people to talk to her. >> four-day cameras -- that didn't get her the publicity. that's interesting. we didn't talk about that but we talk about her ranking her lovers. try harder dip low. >> dip low you got to rise high. >> he's really ranking and putting out -- you may rank in your head and to your perm girlfriends but you don't put it out there. that's tacky. >> the couch says it's tacky. >> dope text the wrong person. >> wisdom. why -- >> that's in the tacky. >> you boy scout all of a sudden. >> i already said it was tacky. >> back in the day. >> back in the day what? >> did you rang? >> outloud? no. [ laughter ] >> what i put in my book is a different story. >> here's the bigger question. did you ever wonder where you
10:19 am
>> no. [ laughter ] >> you know that answer. >> and i don't care. >> number one. >> lies you tell. >> let's talk about this. >> oh, boy. queen b she came in number two with a total -- richest people, right. came in with total of 105 million earn over the past year. but it was sean diddy combs who made the most money with 130 million among hollywood's biggest names. now while beyonce' income stepped from mega hit album lemonade and formation world tours here's what combs did. he had financial success that came from his bad boy family reunion tour,. >> really. >> this partnership with sir rock vodka. >> really. >> and selling one third of his sean john fashion line. >> who still wears that? >> taylor swift who took the top spot last year's list with a whopping 170 million in revenue fell to number 49 with an income of approximately 40 million. >> how did she buy groceries. >> tough life. swift did not release a new
10:20 am
tour. here's a stunner. the weeknd. >> who? >> the weeknd who appeared on the cover of forbes magazine's latest addition came in at impressive number six. >> really? >> with $93 million. >> what did he do? >> he did star boy. >> i can't feel my face without you. >> isn't that two years ago? >> i feel it coming. you stole my money. >> it's weird because noto notoriously like artists especially new artists you never hear about them making all this money. >> no. >> and so i'm just trying to understand is that really -- did he keep all that money? did he write the songs? are those his publishing rights? i don't understand. >> you know more about the weeknd than i do. >> all right. >> i'm just working for the weekend. [ laughter ] >> living for the weekend. >> there you go. >> man. some other people on the list we don't care to talk about them we're tired of talking about people with whole bunch of mo money. >> because we don't have it. last but not least lindsay lohan is ready to break out her comedy chops with her official return to acting.
10:21 am
e actress shared photo on instagram and announcing she join the cast of british comedy called sick note for season two alongside rue per grant. ron wheezily you remember him from harry potter. this will be interesting to say the least. her reps say of the casting news we're extremely excited about the show. lynn say saw episode one and was hook. she loved being back onset filming again. you can really see her passion shine through. we have a lot planned for the year so keep your eyes peeled. >> good for her p. >> wish her the best. >> i really did love her in mean girls. >> very talented. >> i did. >> i loved her in the love bug. herbie's love bug. >> wasn't she in freaky friday. >> disney queen. >> disney princess. >> okay. see ya. >> all right. that's the dish. >> all right. 10:21. >> sorry. 10:21. >> i'll roll my own prompter. 10:21 right now. coming up more heat and humidity. let's hold it. with the chance for some summer
10:22 am
>> tucker is back with a check of the seven day neck. how can i trust you when you don't roll the prompter for me. >> later we're taking the took good day d.c. literally. we'll show where you you can take part in this hot new trend coming to the nation's capitol. >> erin, don't mess up your little outfit it's so cute. >> lean forward. oh, snap. >> don't do it, erin. >> oh, my god. >> there you go.
10:23 am
it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us.
10:24 am
today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america.
10:25 am
♪ >> i am getting so hot i want take my clothes off. [ laughter ] we love that song. >> harmony. [ laughter ] all righty. it is getting hot out here. in here. but one more day of it. tucker says and then we'll be a little bit cooler, right? it's all relative. >> he'll relative. we are entering the first week of summer here next week. so it's not going to be big cool down but we'll take every degree and once again we'll be near 95 think afternoon. so just quick reminder i'm going to be to go out to throw acts outside in a minute find out about that, but you'll want lots anything outdoors. doing- if your chopping wood or if you're working outdoors, it's going to be hot one. 85 now in washington. look at your heat index already bounced to 91. winds out of the southeast at 6:00 and very humid this morning dew point temperatures in the low 70s to start your morning. satellite and radar nice and quiet at the moment. few clouds out there. we'll see a few clouds this afternoon and i just want to
10:26 am
chance today that we could have a few showers and/or thunderstorms pop up particularly if you're a viewer out to the west out in the mountains where we'll get a couple of terrain driven storms much chances will be better tomorrow as the cooler air starts to work in. there we are at, what is that, 6:00 o'clock tonight. you can see a few showers popping up across the area there might be a thunderstorm as well. with little bit of cloudiness much that's the only real change from yesterday. hot and humid. daytime highs in the mid 90s and heat index near 100 this afternoon. again are please take the heat seriously later today as it will be dangerous for period of time later today. cooler tomorrow. back near 80 by thursday and friday. that's a wrap on the weather, guys. back to you. >> okay. thank you tucker. >> okay. john cena wedding planner coming up i got the chance to sit down with the american grit host to talk about the all new season american grit is back with a new series of military inspired challenges for reality competitors and john cena is back as host. coming up my one-on-one with the wwe super star.
10:27 am
about brand in you movie unlike anything you've ever seen before. kevin sets down with baby driver stars jamie foxx and jon hamm and an sell elgort to talk about the role of music and mo move ad their lives. 10:27 is the time. back in a moment. moment. fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew that everyone would need faster internet.
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10:30 am
you just starting your day or did you just get off? >> so what is it do you? >> i'm a driver. >> oh like chauffeur. >> anyone i'd know? >> i hope not. >> what is your name? >> baby. >> your name is baby? >> b-a-b-y, baby? >> all right. 10:30 is the time clip from the new movie baby driver unlike any movie you've ever seen because the entire movie is choreographed to the sound track. it's written by director edgar wright and stars whose who of a listers jamie fox, kevin spacey, jon hamm and an sell elgort. elgort plays title character who uses music to deal with a hearing problem. he a get away driver for a
10:31 am
lord. >> yup. i never heard of that before. >> one of a kinds. >> not reboot. >> well, you can say that. kevin got chance to sit down with the cast and talked all about the role of music both on the set and in their lives. check it out. >> baby, we need to get out of here. >> i have to end this. >> we in bed together now. >> baby. >> baby. baby. >> ♪ >> doc said michael myers. >> this is mike myers. >> this is halloween mask. >> no the killer dude from halloween. >> you mean jason. >> no. >> how would these three characters do on beat shazam. >> i'm on fox. you host that show. how would the three characters do on that show. >> they would farewell. i'm telling them all my homies all of my -- my black folks learn your titles. [ laughter ] >> we know the lyrics even me like i'm on the set trying to guess and the song, it's driving me out -- it's driving me out of my mine. >> no. it's
10:32 am
>> you know, the show has been fantastic people are going crazy about it and the fact that, um, winning life changing amounts of money but at the same time partying to the greatest songs. >> ♪ >> i have to know about the timing onset how you guys actually matched the music to the action. were you hearing the music really in your headphones? how did he make that happen the way it did? >> there was, f i was wearing ear buds i was hearing the music in time and they had ear waves in. little ear pieces you couldn't see but everyone heard the music whenever there was music being played so we all were able to make our actions. >> even there wasn't any dialogue there would be play backs like a dance number. >> you were like stepping on the beat kind of. >> yeah. >> so that's so cool. >> yeah. the fact that everybody is musical. john, super musical. an sell who is incredible.
10:33 am
and what was amazing listening to john's knowledge of music. he would drop like these jams old school and talk about, you know, music and things. so having the music playing and had people, you know, sort of the choreographers who were telling us where we needed to go and watching the dance between edgar who had this movie in his head for, you know arc number of years saying this is the way we want it and it all work out because had we had some people that weren't as gifted when it came to being on beat or on time it might have been -- it might have suffered a little. >> wow. >> all right. baby driver hits theaters june 28th. there you go. at least like you said holly at least it's not reboot or remake. >> i'm intrigue by it i feel like it should win something just on concept alone. >> on creativity. >> so basically chris was saying to all of us, about the concept and that it was born out of think a musical video. music video
10:34 am
action meets the beat and so everything is done in time and that's how the action scenes are done. >> fuel feature length movie. >> i don't think it's in dialogue. good what did jon hamm to have to say about it? >> oh, rye. >> he didn't speak in that interview. >> he's cute though. >> he looked good. >> did he. from movies to tv the reality competition american grit is back for all new season. so it's a military inspired show that pushes competitors to their limit in series of survival themed challenges. though sort of changed up in season two little bit does embrace the ethos of no man left behind. every competition is done as a team and every member has to finish to be safe from elimination the show's mentor former military heroes again it's a whole knew couldn't dre host is wwe super star john cena. last week it got the chance to sit down with him to talk about the all new season. some of the big changes this time around and how john cena plans a wedding. check it out.
10:35 am
>> thank you very much and good morning to you, too. >> first of all this is going to make me so cool with my kids. i'm just going to let you you know that right now. thank you. >> i can -- i can't see your kids. tell them hello. >> i surely will. so second season of this amazing show. first of all, is it just me but i'm like, crying when you -- people come over like over come these physical -- these things that seem super human almost on your show. it's very emotional for the viewers to see these regular folks go through this amazing competition. >> well, this season is a bit of a change. we took some of the treacherous physicality out of it replaced it with more of the confidence building exercises. season two because you're right, as a viewer you explain in season one sometimes it was kind of tough to watch people go through that because we can relate to it i don't know what it's lick to carry 175-pound log 13 miles. but i do know what's like to be turn
10:36 am
knowed in water he is special physical i have a fear of heights an fear of water. >> right. >> so we came up with new challenges that still look treacherous but are morey latable to our viewers and more attainable for our contestants this year on season two on sunday nights on fox, as you saw, sunday, the contestants are very open with their flaws in life. and have showed up to camp grit for help. and that's where my military mentors come in because they have such strong and different leadership styles. they're in the process of ga gathering their teams together so they can compete against eve other and one person can walk away with a quarter of a million bucks. >> it's a toll group new of mentors. >> whole new group of mentors and couldn't dre. whole new group of contestants and the back bone of the contestants is has changed in season one they were very focused, driven people to see had was the most driven. and this year, our back bone we've started social hash tag campaign find your grit. because all of our contestants have openly said they either lost their grit or they never had it in the first place. >> wow.
10:37 am
contestants famous quote when the goa going gets tough i quit. me being a fixer and living bite words never give up, those are people that i want to help. my mentors do as well. so it really is a good fit. there's a lot more drama. there's lot more personality but i think it makes for a better watch and our consumer at home everybody watching at home on sunday night can root for their favorites. and can get in and relate to the challenges they want to help these people. >> sometimes it's harder dealing with the emotional scars than what might be physical road blocks or obstacles. >> well, that's the biggest thing about american grit season two. new on sunday nights because we've all had those moments. wrong side of the bed moments. we've all had those i'm off track how do i get back on track and most of us are good about picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off but there are some folks out there that need a hand. that need some leadership that need guidance that need some team building. that need to step up every once in awhile. and they'll get
10:38 am
on sunday nights and i think that's what makes us more intriguing. >> we're here in washington even wonder do you know if there are any competitors from the district, maryland or virginia this season? >> we didn't have any dc folk. hopefully everybody tunes in on sunday nights and i think we can extent this because i believe it was a tremendous success all of our competitors walk away having benefited from the experience. we only had one that was able to within the quarter of a million bucks but hopefully next season we can get somebody from d.c. >> here at fox5 in washington, we love make a wish and we work with mid atlantic make a wish office and i just got to say, hats off to you. you have personally granted more wishes than anyone person some if i'm reading it right 500 wishes. why do you get involve this way? >> well, it's honestly i compare it a lot to the show american grit. i certainly love helping, and i love whoo i can do what i love and then effect people's lives
10:39 am
just that. through doing what you love you provide hope and hope is a very powerful thing and in many cases it can provide time which is extremely priceless. >> right. >> american grit i take those, you know, the same dale al approach to life and i get to try to do my best to help these folks. so it's the same reason make a wish is the same reason why i tried to something like the new season of american grit. >> i know re recently ryan seact begged for a spot at your wedding coming up i'm not going to do that plus you're not going to invite me any way i do -- first, congratulations to you and the beautiful nicky bella. also wwe star. how does john cena help with wedding planning or does john cena help with wedding planning? >> i certainly am active i help where i can. first things first i'm in charge of the bottom line. so i keep a tight budget. [ laughter ] >> i want to make sure everything work out there. but i'm extremely involved. i think w
10:40 am
make this into a real thing. i'm ready to get married. so i would like to -- i'll like to do it but i don't want to -- i don't want to rush something that took so long to be here i want it to be perfect day for both nicole and myself and everyone around. >> i love it. before i let you go this word grit i've read that grit is better than -- graves is better than, upping, personality is better than all this. what we need is grit to really make it ton stand out. how do you define grit? >> something that allows you to your back is again the wall to go forward. and that's a thing. like the old saying if it was ease everyone would do it. that's life. life is tough. and sometimes it headlights you with bumps in the road and there's a lot of us that stay down. and they just need that extra kick to be like all right, let's go, let's get back up and let's get after it, and that's what american grit is about and i thk
10:41 am
show sunday nights on fox will consistently show the ability to continue to bounce back and improve every single time. so to me grit is just being able to keep going on with life. life is tough. >> i love it. life is tough. life is made better by you and the show and the good mentors. behind american grit. reminder you can catch the show sundays at nine right here on the might fee fox5. he looks good in a suit, doesn't he. >> he does. translation i want to get married. he wants to have kids. >> you think so. >> that's what i heard. >> he was very dear and sweet in that moment. >> he called her nicole. >> i know. >> he wants it to be the perfect day for both of them. whatever, all that grit stuff. that's all i heard. [ laughter ] okay. listen, 1,041st time. we finally have the answer to one of the most frustrating parts about shopping. why sizes are so inconsistent across the different brands. coming up next -- >> mind games. >> fashion expert explains the issue and how to make sure that you're finding the right fit. this is
10:42 am
use all day. >> right. 10:41 is our time right now. ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive to the comb ♪ ♪ combing that honey ♪ ♪ into some gold ♪ ♪ take that gold and make it an o ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive to the o ♪ ♪ oat from the farm is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪
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♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ goodness begins with the seed that you sow ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪
10:44 am
♪ to get made to an o ♪ ♪ o from the farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪♪
10:45 am
smedium may as well be a size when size varies by brand and store. >> it changes. >> what about you. >> it changes. >> it changes. >> changes. >> all across the board it chachanges. >> does that get frustrating
10:46 am
>> blame the fit mod did he say. >> fit model is the person who tries on the clothes as they're being created so the fit model is actually there in the work room with the designer. >> clothing brand fights the fit model the likes and creates a size six based on her measurements. then uses software to scale the dimensions up and down for other sizes. the problem is bodies don't usually size up or down in a uniform way. attempts failed over the decades to come up with better guidelines. there's no such thing as standard size clothes because there's no such as thing as standard side z w ba nan today'. we're women. your shoulders or broad or little sloping. a garment will fit you different until those cases. >> otherwise the it's trial and error. >> i have to
10:47 am
you to see if they run large or small and it's tough. >> too small or too big in the thighs and too small or too big in the wave. there's in a happy medium. to find your happy medium or small or large once you find a brand that work stick to it because you don't decide your size. they do. >> so insightful. >> who knew? >> what did we learn. >> you got to try it on. >> right. >> find a brand you like and rock with that. >> problem is, i mentioned before, it's psychological thing. >> totally. >> it is. because if one week you're this size the next you happening to up or down depending on what your ideal size is -- >> it's straighter up laughable. >> look at wisdom because he doesn't have to worry about it. >> lok at wisdom. >> off bro block much this is girl talk. >> do men have this issue? >> no. >> one size always fit you. >> across the board. >> certain items of clothes you don't want to buy in small. [ laughter ] >> i'm just saying even if you
10:48 am
>> like socks, yeah. >> good answer. >> size and gloves. >> it's 10:47. coming up, tucker has a real ax to green literally because this morning he and erin are getting a speak peek at a special ax throwing event making its first stop in the national's capital. well check in with them for details next. do it, tuck. do it! he changed for the occasion. >> erin -- >> that's not cool. >> i worry for her. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year.
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hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law.
10:50 am
panding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
10:51 am
don't worry new canadian trend on it's way to d.c. we're talking about ax throwing. apparently you don't need to be lumber jack to get into this act. we sent our lumber yack out to the fox lot to give it a try we're talking about tucker out there with erin this morning. hey. >> lumber jean and lumber jack. >> let's be very very clear. that's the true lumber jack. i've so far demon demonstrated o skill whatsoeve
10:52 am
>> you're giving it all your all. that's all that matter and it's fun. >> i'm in the sure it's fun yet. maybe it will fun in minute. doug, watch this real quick. ready? >> oh, boy. >> ahh! >> so strong in that smedium t-shirt. >> thanks erin. it national ax throwing day perfect weather for this as well. >> yes. tell me why we're out here. this is he's with cracking axes new to d.c. tell us about your company. >> we've been in dc we own taste of d.c. drink the district we took our team out to throw axes as group bonding experience. our whole team fell in love with this. we have to bring this to d.c. we cree yacked crack and axes. >> i've never thrown an ax before in my life. he me on the first try. nailing the board. it was great. >> it's not hard. it's really fun. >> anybody can do it actually six out of ten times a woman will beat a man. >> wow not about strength. it's about precision and quality throw. >> and direction
10:53 am
>> and technique. >> technique is important, too. >> right all about technique. >> tell us about your event coming up we get that in before tucker and i throw. >> we're cracking and axings this summer% pop up the red white and blue on july 1st and 2nd. you can check us out on the cracking make a reservation for groups of eight people. and have a great two and a half hour ax throwing experience. >> tucker has question. >> i got question. isn't a beer drinking occasion? >> it is. backyard ax throwing is about having cold pops with your friends throwing some axes having good time. >> is there any limit to the amount of beverages you enjoy because before throwing aning. >> if you get out of control we'll stop you. >> just like anything. >> moderation. >> excellent. >> i know many of you at home are wondering about throwing acts we'll learn the proper technique right now. >> correct. >> walk us threw it. >> come on over. >> tucker will wow us. >> i'll throw the -- >> erin has been coach. she knows how to do this we've been practicing.
10:54 am
>> foot on the line. >> put your foot forward all about leaning forward, lean back aim at the target. >> i have heels on. >> and let go. >> she's doing this in high heels. so this is pretty stellar. >> whoo! >> suck it. first try. >> give me a high five, tuck. >> that makes me mad inside you're really good at that. >> it's all you. >> you heard the direction. it's all up to you, tucker. >> liquid courage. i want to live this dream. >> you got this. [ laughter ] >> i'll hold that for you. >> i got you. >> come on. >> refreshing. >> all right. what do i do? >> all right. you're a lefty, right. >> yeah. >> right foot forward on the line. >> okay. >> and then you're going to get your left hand at the base of the ax. >> that makes me nervous that way. >> then this hand little bit on top. >> i have beer hand, is that okay, filled with liquid. >> it's okay. don't flip it backwards. >> put it behind me. run for your lives. >> lean forward. >> like that. >> lean backwards.
10:55 am
it go straight ahead. >> yes. >> close. >> oh close. so close. >> i'm not throwing hard enough. >> no. it's over rotating just a little bit. >> you want to make sure it's straight. >> what kind of tournament. a tournament to get the most bulls eye. >> what games do people play. >> it's like darts. darts with axes. we take you through about three different games and then all the players have around robin tournament at end and whoever scores the most points wins. >> this is harder because -- >> wait. do you recommend throwing in high heels maybe that's my it problem. do you want to borrow my shoes. >> this one is harder i've not got this one to stick in the board yet. foot forward. lean into it. >> thick may me nervous. >> lean all the way forward, back, forward. boom! >> we got it. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> clearly i'm better at beer drinking. maybe i'll stick too what i know bet. >> you can be the worse guy on the team and drink lots tons of
10:56 am
>> we all have our skills in life. people go to check out crack ken you can find us for our first pop up this summer july 1st and 2nd here in washington, d.c. right outside nats park. >> i'm definitely going to try it. this is really fun. >> a lot of other people will be following you. >> if you're looking for me i'll be in the beer tent. >> i'll bring moral support. >> plenty of cold beer avai available. >> guys. >> we'll toss it back to you. >> good stuff. erin, you are rocking that. awesome job. >> thank you. >> tucker, eh. >> keep trying. >> one handed. >> oh! all right. so close. so close. >> proud you, tuck. >> did dough a weather forecast out there. >> it's going to be hot. >> humid. >> better tomorrow. >> it will be. four-day heat wave getting us ready for summer. which officially starts next week. >> i got this. >> you got this. >> come on tuck you got it. >> yay! >> whoo!? >> all right. good job, tucker.
10:57 am
give me a hug. >> give me another beer. >> thanks for watching. watchin.
10:58 am
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never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. >> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] thank you very much for watching. my co-host, my studio audience. [ applause ]